Silent Option

Silent Option 1.0

Scans and detects options for installers and installs the packages silently
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1.0.1507 (See all)
Micro-Star International Co., Ltd.
Installs the applications in silent mode and removes user interaction by enabling the default installation method. This saves up time but doesn't provide a way to customize it per user input. Instead, it's all passed to the installer in form of a command line. Supports and works with the MSI installation format.

If you need to install a program or package on a client's computer, but don't want anyone to tamper with the installation, you must run the MSI in silent mode. Silent installations don't use a graphical user interface, so you can also use them to deploy packages on computers in your business too without bothering your employees. You can run a silent installation in Windows 7 by invoking Windows Installer with a command line option.

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